Lets shop for a doctor

 There is no point in bemoaning the missing family physician. Most people seem to shop for doctors in any case. As shopping for the doctor has become the general trend. May be we should give more shopping guidelines like we have for buying gizmo’s We are so enamoured by instruments that we have forgotten the fundamental factor the human being, both in the physician and in the patient. As a physician my focus should be awaken healing or rather the healer within the patient. One does accept a person suffering a disease just wants relief from it. So at International centre Goa along with the Taleigao chess academy we had a meet on integrated medicine. The gathering was interesting. Dr. Jindal the Dean of Goa Medical college, Dr.Arvind Kothe principle of the homeopathy college. Talking about allopathic the biggest advantage it can offer is that : • It is an evidence based system • Antibiotics if used properly are a great boon., • Stringent clinical trails are followed. • Drugs are standardized hence reproducibility. • surgical management • Emergency and trauma management. • Acute problems are best handled by allopathy. On the flip side we have • Side effects of the drugs. • Super infection after antibiotic therapy. • Synthetic drugs are harmful if not properly handled. • Lack of holistic approach. • The focus is disease and not health. • Expensive. The advantage of homeopathy is undoubtedly its lack of adverse effect. The drug is monopharmacy that is a single drug is used to treat combination of symptoms. What actually is done here is a profile of the disease, profile of the remedy, a profile of patient symptoms these are matched. Then the remedy is planned. It is highly individualistic. Homeopathy is excellent in dealing with chronic disease and skin problems. Drugs are administered to activate the energy system. On the flip side we have • Detailed history taking which could be time consuming • Emergencies and acute disease handling is problematic.. • Trauma cannot be handled Integrating the systems would be ideal. But before stopping any medication its makes sense to consult the doctor who has prescribed it, as each physician can only take decisions regarding his or her system.


One response to “Lets shop for a doctor

  1. Liked blog title.
    Doctors, where are they these days?
    We have only people who go on strike holding the patients and hospital at ransom. The healing touch does not exist. Many do not have basic diagnosis skills. Percentage of trial and error treatments is increasing on a yearly basis. Prescriptions are influenced by drug manufacturers. Sorry, don’t want to hurt sentiments here. But I’ll prefer to keep the apples handy. And try not to get sick. I know they’ll call it viral fever for the first 3 days.

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