An introduction to homeopathy

     Inputs from Dr.Arvind kothe Principal Kamaxi homeopathy college Shiroda Goa.

     Homeopathy is an individualistic mode of drug therapy based on the law of seemlier

    This essentially means that the portrait of the drug and the portrait of the disease should match. The history of the patient is taken and matched with the remedy.

     The study of the drug portrait is such that it should match the portrait of the disease and then the drug is administrated this is essentially homeopathy defined

. In practice also seemlier also deals with individuality what is individuality in this context?

Disease is the response of individual to unfavorable environment. E.g. The temperature increase may be tolerated by some, while some find the need to turn on the fan while others would require the air cooler. The reaction to unfavorable condition manifests as signs and symptoms. The symptoms manifested can be physical emotional or mental level. When collected adequately we get an aggregate of symptoms.  this is highly individualistic

   This aggregate is then shifted to pinpoint the causative. The patient might manifest symptoms that do not match with the general portrait of the disease. This long side with constitution of the person (things like physical build, temperature etc. Helps to create a profile.

Peculiar symptoms + constitution f the man + body build +body temperature +relation to environment makes the homelier.

Homelier + history + ingrained past history=> totality

   Learning medicine is necessary as unless you know the normal it is not possible to perceive the abnormal, the study of the mind becomes essential for physiology +psychology is what helps you to achieve the totality. 

   The detail proforma of the patient is drawn by detailed history; taking. There are times it could take an hour or two. (standard proforma has been evolved by the Kamaxi homeopathy college).

    Homeopathy also as a concept called potenstiastion which is unique to it. Here it is percolations to the minimum dose. The source of medication like all other systems are plant, mineral and animal. This is diluted by 99% in sugar/alcohol. This dilution is conducted to the limit where it becomes an energy form such that it stimulates the system and acts on the body. There is strengthening the immune system.

Hence the prescription is a total systemic cure and not disease focused. This term as monopharmacy—where multiple symptoms ar not treated wit multiple drugs but a single medication is administered.

Homeopathy is excellent option when it comes to

• Pediatrics

• Dermatology

• Psycho-somatic disorders.

     This does not mean it is restricted to these. Homeopathy can independently treat a lot of diseases, and act as an alley to others.

Being an young stream, it has picked the best from the existing streams.

On the flip side clinical trails are just being standardized and acknowledged. Various research centers are just getting acceptability.


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