why ayurveda

      I used to wonder about the drifting younger generation, until we had an awareness program at the science center by the goa college of Ayurveda. It was heartening to see kids who was very focused and despite globalization who have opted for tradition

            Dr.Siddhi.N.Bhandare an ayurvedic intern says she was amazed by science documented 2000 yrs ago, which focused on preventing disease and maintaining health. She believes that our culture, our lifestyle requires a healing system that understands it.

            To Dr.Avinash Korde another intern the continuous re-invention for contemporary application of the knowledge is fascinating.

            “I was fascinated by the science its simplicity and root in swasthya or health as opposed to disease” says Subhadra Kamat another intern, with a shy smile she adds” I am proud of my heritage”


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