All about prakriti

All about prakriti

Prakriti is recognizes that people are not the same. Each human being has a unique combination .

Ayurveda helps people create their own health standard.

Inborn metabolic pattern and reaction is also prakriti. This is determined in the foetal state by:

  • Health of the ovum and sperm
  • Diet of the mother
  • Nature – as in environment.
  • Regimen of the mother.

When we speak of Ayurveda doctors an image of the dhoti clad vaidya emerges, though he has come back to fashion would a change in the attire make him/her more marketable.

Parameters or standard readings of WBC, HBC, whatever else does not mean disease. The parameters are standard for a given individual Even the water intake of standard 2 litres does not make sense someone might require more water and someone less. The environment also plays a role.

A cold after winter could be due to the thawing of the body fluids.

Ayurveda talks of hitayu and sukhayu

Absence of disease is not health.

Agni is a salient feature of Ayurveda.

Doshas is “dushayanti it doshah” that that can go wrong is doshas.

Kidney stone for example is not the disease it is the manifestation of the disease, i.e. what caused the stone to be formed in the first place.

The vehicle of dispensing is also important for sometimes it is a catalyst it can react with some other factors to cause problems.



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