Agni the thermal energy

Agni the thermal energy

Food and digestion play an import role in Ayurveda. Food ingested on digestion becomes ojas or Ama. This provides the vigor strength and vitality to all tissues.

Jatargni the digestion of food occurs in the stomach. Hence the process of digestion of food in the stomach becomes jatargni.  This in contemporary terms can loosely be equated to enzymes. Unless digested properly food will not live proper health/energy.

Dathugni which are 7 in number. They deal with tissue formation.

Bhutagni: responsible for integrating the panchabhutas.

The jatargni becomes important because it plays an role in the formation of nutritive fluid “ahararasa” the Physical elements, (Doshas) tissues(Dhatu’s) and waste (mala)

The jatargni also maintains the balance of other agnis.

4 states of Agni:

Vishmagni: erratic and unstable state of Agni. Arises with the influence of Vata. This is found in people with increased Vata or vatadosha.  Symptoms – constipation, distention, swelling of the abdomen, dysentery, colic pain, and wind gas or gurgling sound in the intestine.

Tikshanagni: Is seen when Pitta is aggravated, or disturbed. The Agni is too strong or fast. The jatargni will hyperactive. The person can digest large volumes of food and still feel hungry. The symptoms begin with dry mouth and palate, burning in the stomach and excessive thirst.

Mandagni: Agni here is very low. Found in people with increase Kapha. Digestion of even small quantities of food is difficult. Manifests as nausea, vomiting, heaviness of the stomach, laziness, coughing coating of the tongue and excessive salvation.

Samagni: the functions of the Agni are normal, stable. Indicating the balanced state of the 3 doshas. The jatargni is good enough to digest food and provide proper nutrition. Since samagni is the ideal Agni to have one should endeavor to achieve it.


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