sweet gift of the Bitter gourd.

The Bitter melon also known as the bitter gourd, or scientifically Mormodica Charantia, adds sweetness s to the prevention of breast cancer

Momordica charntia is a tropical and subtropical plant belonging to the family cucubitaceae. This is an edible fruit though very bitter.  Though the nativity of the vegetable is not known it is found extensively in the Indian subcontinent, South Asia, china, Africa and the Caribbean.

Bitter melon is very popular in traditional Asian medicine; it is believed to contain quinine and is used for the treatment of malaria.

Recent clinical trials show that it improves cellular immunity in cancer patients. A study funded and conducted at the St.Louis University USA,  by Dr.Ratna Ray proves this.

The study was conducted on human cancer cells, (MCF- and MDA-MB_231) and non cancerous human cells (HMEC).

Bitter melon was liquidized in a home liquidizer, and then centrifuged to extract the biller melon extract (BME) this was then bombarded on the cells.  The results showed.

·         The healthy cells were unaffected.

·         80% of the cancer cells died, either because its cell membrane dissolved, or because of something called as apoptosis, where a stimulus is triggered which initiates the spontaneous death of the cells.

This could be because the BME has sugar and fat lowering properties. As shown by a research conducted by the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, India, has proved that bitter melon increases insulin sensitivity inspired by the folk medicine.

The anticancer property is currently in the laboratory stage in a controlled environment. One needs to see the efficacy in active environment for to treat cancer is to understand and accept that cancer is more than one disease and is unique in each patient

The potential of this extract as a viable and marketable drug needs more research.


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