confidence clinic

The US of A has come up with what they call a confidence clinic. It is a woman’s self help group for single mothers. They could be divorced, widowed, deserted , unwed whatever. But most of them are not educated, job options are not dignified, low self esteem and motivation levels. Most of them wrestling with issues,and  abusive homes.
Once the group became operational, the women have become achievers, they have a goal, and motivation.
This is possible because of the group that is not judgmental, understanding and supportive. The children of these women who would have once taken to the streets, are more achievement oriented.
I like to call them Psychic families.
These may be a good option for the vast emotionally unstable young adults who seem to emerge from this career oriented trends.
 Marks, extra activities, shields prizes seem to the acceptance criteria for the parents. Type A parents classically talk of high profile jobs ( translates to more money) the less ambitious ones talk of greater academic achievements, teaching etc.
Single child syndrome has left the young adult incapable of having a relationship, after all relationship does mean certain adjustments, giving and taking support. In addition to having online relationships which seems to leave a latent guilt feeling.
A patient of mine, has a good academic record, a great job, she was doing well. But now 6months down the line after her marriage she is a near wreck, why she does not have basic housekeeping skills, neither does her husband. They do not know what work to delegate to the maid. Yet she being the woman is expected to run a fantastic house well kept etc. Etc. 
Her mother-in-law is right when she says the house looks like a hostel room.
Maybe it is time to revive the family, the extended family or start pyschic ones.


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