colon cleansing.


Colon cleansing diet

Just as one needs to have bath everyday keeping the internals clean is also necessary. For whatever reason if it has not happened then we can work a diet and head start the process after which it can be maintained.

On a regular basis it is a good idea to increase fibre in ones diet.

A colon cleansing diet uses dietary combination, to gentle eliminate the intestinal accumulation.

And if you are going on a colon cleansing diets then it is a good idea to maintain it at least for 10days.

This should be built in gradually and junk food should be stopped during this period.

Ten commandments of a great diet

  1. Have a fixed meal time, and the kind of food eaten this should be followed regularly. It is not a good idea to mix too many kinds of food as it can lead to inappropriate digestion
  2. Water should taken about 20mnts before the meal, to ensure the free flow of food. Imagine running ice on your skin, does it not stiffen and don’t we loose sensation over the region. This is the precise reason why one should not take cold water, the digestive muscles do not contract which means digestion is low.
  3. Eat smaller portions and chew it well. Stop eating when you are slightly less than full
  4. When mastication (chewing of food) is proper, then digestion becomes uniform if not there is premature swallowing resulting in incomplete digestion.
  5. it is best to relax during the meal, this allows the body juices to released properly
  6. practise good posture
  7. After dinner sleep a while after supper walk a mile is not entirely true, a brisk walk after a meal helps in digestion and feeling energetic.
  8. The food ingestion should be at least 2hrs before bed.
  9. Practising a spinal twist maybe a good idea for not only does it release gases it also activates the digestive system.

10. Food should be eaten in the order of digestion. The digestive durations are:

  1. 20- 30 mnts water and juices
  2. 30-45 mnts soups ,smoothes,
  3. 35-45 mnts vegetables
  4. 2-3 hrs beans and starch
  5. 3hrs and more meats and fishes.


With commandment 10 in view

Breakfast should be only fruits. Through out the morning eat fruits when you are hungry. Interestingly you will find that you are not really hungry when you eat fruits, also the sugar spikes and downs are not there either.

Dinner-snack-Lunch should be light. Its better not to mix starches with meat, for that

Could lead to improper digestion.

Do and don’t of a colon cleansing diet.

  • You can eat foods you like; you only need to be a little resourceful in adapting it. Say if you like sandwiches then shift to whole bread, ones with green filling, and mustard in stead of mayonnaise.
  • Cut coffee, and drink a lot of refreshing juices or just plain water
  • Opt for steamed and baked food instead of fried one.

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