colon detoxification


Colon is the last destination of the food ingested. And digestion is a process that occurs within the body, with the help of enzymes that break down the food and absorb the nutrients required. Colon absorbs water and eliminates waste. Some water soluble vitamins are also absorbed here.

The body cleanses the colon routinely sometimes once a day, but two times a day or once in two days are also considered normal.

Due to erratic eating habit and decreased food fibre sometimes this process has to be induced. It is also called as intestine cleansing. The goal of which is to clean the digestive waste from the colon and reinstate proper colonic health, peristalsis and the natural micro flora of the colon.

If this elimination does not occur properly then a build up of toxins occurs. This results in:

  • Brain fog
  • Susceptibility to infections, like flu, common cold.
  • Skin problems acne,
  • Allergies are more pronounced.
  • Depression and sometimes even suicidal tendencies.
  • Bloating
  • Shoulder and back pain.
  • Feeling of tiredness, and sickness.


Once colon cleansing is done, the digestive waste along with hardened mucus gets flushed out. This improves the peristaltic movement of the digestive system. The optimal efficiency of stomach, pancreas, intestine liver and gallbladder is achieved. This results in a variety of health benefits like:

Elimination of constipation: proper peristaltic movement would ensure that the digestive waste is eliminated on time, as there is no excess clogging there is any excess re-absorption of water. Which means the bowels are less stressed during movements, it automatically reduces constipation.

Reduction in constipation results in decrease in haemorrhoids (blood polyps) and fissures (cracks occurring due to stressful colon movements).

The converse that is diarrhoea is also controlled when the colonic health is good and regular.

Improvement of digestive function is achieved by regulated muscle movement and kneading.

Once the digestion is efficient automatically the absorption of nutrition is also optimized.  Impaired digestive problems like bloating and gas is also eliminated.

Better nutrition intake stimulates an overall better health and immune status. 

Individuals tend to suffer less from allergies and constant infections. As sufficient nutrition is available to the cells, the energy quality and uptake is optimized. Resulting in lesser tendency to fatigue.  So logically there is increase in ability to concentrate.

Lesser toxic accumulation also means lesser burden on the skin for toxin elimination, so acne and other skin problems reduces.

It is noted that when the digestive system is good, and colon cleansing is regulated, the tendency for comfort eating, and depression also reduces causing a reduction in weight.

When the colon is healthy then syndromes like irritable bowel cancer tendencies are also minimized.

Keeping our own over all emotional and physical health in view colon cleansing is an excellent preventive option. It is not very difficult either, all that one has to do is to reduce junk food, eat more raw vegetables, fruits, and cereal. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Taking of food at regular intervals, occasional fasting all contributes to maintain good health.


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