home remedies to cleanse the colon


Colon cleansing is necessary for a good health. It keeps the skin clean, prevents colon cancer, and most important cleanses the body of the toxin.

Though the ideal way to would be to regulate the food and nutrition in take, it might at times be necessary to intentionally bring this about.

It is not only about a great, bowel movement, it is also about expelling gas which can be painful, and relieve constipation.

In this article we are looking at home recipes and remedies for deliberately inducing a colon cleanse. Home cleansing methods emerge a dime and dozen; the point here is to have a system that works for you. Importantly it necessary that blind elimination should not occur; required nutrient supplies must be taken.

It is important to ensure that the fibre content is good, water intake in at least half the body weight in ounces (a 100 lb should take at least 50 ounces of water). Reduce coffee, alcohol and junk food.

The remedies range from ayurveda to grandma’s recipes.

Cayenne, fennel, garlic, senna are some commonly used ones.

 From out own kitchen, some colon cleansing ingredients are

Psyllium—it is a great laxative, and induces movements of the intestine.

Flax seeds enlarges the intestinal walls and allows better peristalsis (contraction of the wall of the intestine)

Ginger reduces bloating

Garlic eliminates toxins and parasite growth

Barberry stimulates colon movements

Fennel is a good purgative and also an antibacterial and antifungal.

Fasting: not only allows the system to rest also promotes cleansing.

Probiotics:      are foods that allow the growth and rebalance of the intestinal microflora, banana’s, Garlic, Onion, are all probiotic in nature.

Fish; which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid is good for the system too.

Lemonade diet is another popular grandma’s recipe that works wonders.

Oats taken at breakfast with fruits are also effective.

Magnesium oxide in water is a good solution it releases oxygen in the gut which neutralizes the anaerobic bacteria and allows for the growth of natural bacteria. But this has to be done carefully and for not more than a week as it could result in a sterile gut which is not good either. We need to get a balance.

Warm saline flushes works wonders for many patients.

Drinking warm tea, infusion with little or no milk. Is another good laxative. This is followed by many people as a daily routine. The tannin in the tea reduces inflammation in the colon and encourages peristalsis.

Rhubarb is another very effective grandma’s remedy. It has tannin which reduces inflammation and anthraquinone that encourages peristalsis.

 In general a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and water should be taken. Ayurveda has a dispension called triphala churna, made of haritikia (terminalia chebula), vibhitaki (terminalia belerica) and amla (goose berry—phyllantus Embellica) this combination taken routinely by it self, or as an infusion in hot water is a good laxative.


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