recipes to cleanse your colon


Some colon cleansing recipes

Colon cleansing is the best way to keep yourself healthy, prevention of colon cancer, irritable bowels, a better skin, and reduced chances of depression is seen.

Colon cleansing recipes are usually customized.

Early English had an interesting recipe, they drank milk of magnesia. Of course a 100ml of bottle of milk magnesia would clean the clean well enough to eat off it, right into your next life. Jokes apart, instead of all this a simple regulated food, which is taken at regulated time would work well enough.

Instead of rushing out and buying an expensive colon cleansing kit, there are a few recipes that you could try at home.

What goes in comes out the best thing to do will be eaten healthy.

As always drink lots of water. Half your body weight in ounces is the requirement. That is if you weight 100 lbs then you need 50 ounces of water.

Prune juice is a good way to relieve a clogged bowel, but that would also depend on the state of the of the bowel. About 8 ounce of prune juice would relieve the system off constipation, but for a planned colon cleanse it might not be a good idea

Another old wives recipe that has turned out to be really good is the apple cider vinegar 1tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1tsp of honey taken in10oz. Of hot water taken twice a day will keep the colon system clean.

Factors to remember when planning a meal:

  • There should be no processed food.
  • The food picked should be grown organically
  • There should be lot of fibre
  • The diet should include lot of fruits and vegetables. The bread and rice content should be low.
  • The citrus content should be low.
  • It would be a good idea to stop all toxic foods, like, coffee, tea, alcohol, heavy junk food fried food

Some recipes that can be tried out

  • One raw onion, 3 tbs of oil, a spoon of apple cider and1tbs of honey pinch of salt. Tossed well, the yolk of egg is spread on top.
  • Colon cleansing drink:            2tbs lemon juice, 2tbs maple juice, 1/10 cayenne, 12 oz. warm water mixed and drunk immediately
  • Colon cleansing soup;             2-3 cucumber peeled, 1-2 tomato diced, 1 jalapeno,1/2 onion,  3 garlic pods, 1tsp each of cilantro and parsley all blended and mixed in 2 cups of vegetable stock. This can be drunk either warm or cold.
  • A fruit smoothes:        a smoothes made of papaya, semi ripe banana, in equal volumes, 2lbs of flax seed. To this equal volume of water is added, this should be made part of daily meal.  This is particular recipe also heals existing anal fissures.


With the increase in colon cancer across USA, colon cleansing has become essential.


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