are you a freelance medical writer.

When freelancing.

 I had an offer from a medical writing outfit based in Delhi, I did their articles, and they were so thrilled that copyscape had called it clean. Etc. etc.

I did about Rs.50, 000/- worth of work for them, knowing that they were penny pinched I expected at least 20,000/-

There would be talks of rate cards, and how to pay but no payment was made.

When I did ask repeatedly then deficiencies and issues were brought up to evade. I figured this company cannot afford to pay. Casually I mentioned to another medical writer, that I did work for company X, his immediate response was did they pay you?

That’s when I realized that this company was known to get involuntary charity work done. How does one protect ones work?

  • Research a new employer, see who has worked for them before and see what experience they have had.
  • Contract of terms and condition should be clear. Take down the name and contact of the person who is in charge of payments. Have a written copy.
  • Follow up politely initially then a lawyers notice.

There are other not so ethical but creative methods let’s not look into it.


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