A Cliche I Can't Stand

The cliché, substance Banned “injurious to health” I hate it,

Then you have the whole country and his wife opposing it for the pimple on the dimple of the ants bum!

Just look at the liquor ban in Gujarat, it generates revenue for Goa, the Gujarat BSF and the shop at the Toll Naka.

Goa in all sincerity levied 100% tax on Gutka. On the face of it a very excellent move for Gutka is a prepared as a mixture with areca nut, tobacco, catechu, lime, savory and flavoring it marketed under various guises, sometimes even as mouth fresheners,

This is terribly addictive and carcinogenic.

But the result was frightening, because the open sales went down, the revenue department marked decrease revenue from Gutka, but the shops still sold the Gutka, at a lesser price the buyer still bought it, under wraps at 50% increase in price, where did the money coming in go? Everyone from the vendor to politician takes a bite of the cake

When the Gutka ban was introduced the vegetable baskets coming in from Karnataka had caches of Gutka sachets, individual boxes are negligible but when the cows come home the volume that has been smuggled is humongous. Again the income goes unaccounted for.

May be the ban is created with this motive in mind. But the Gutka culture is being marketed very strongly. The rural youth is enticed by it culturally while the urban crowd is made aware of it by marketing it as a style icon, with major actors and page 3 celebrities featuring on it.

Its time the citizens’ forum took a stand.

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