my friend

Happy Valentine’s Day and All My Love to My Dear Flickr Friends!


My 4am friend is xyz, my 12 in the night is ABC what crap if you cannot call someone up at idiotic hours, trouble them and then listen to their hollering for the odd time call yet look forward to the person next day is a friend else you are abusing the word!

Friendship I guess is cooperative and supportive relationship between people or animals.‼ that’s from the dictionary and not my definition. Sounds like some kind of a legal document for business partnership.

Kannada has a lovely word for it “sahahridayi” someone who empathizes with you. Or even the word snigdha that is flow along.

The narada Bhakti sutra a doctrine of devotion classifies nine kind of devotions of which sakhya or friendship is one.

I prefer the more casual a person I know. Well and regard with affection and trust. To me my friends are people who know I am imperfect they love me and accept me despite it the visa- versa holds good.

Thank God for friends.

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