healthcare what do we mean by it.

During the hospital stay there were some interesting things to observe and learn.
Morning rounds, rushing residents, some of them seem to think they were like the Cabots who only spoke to Gods.
Dr.Viraj Kandolkar was resident that every patient used to look forward, brusque yet the patients would look forward to him being in the ward. The answer was simple he took the trouble talking to the patient. He made the patient feel he cared.
When we now talk of health care we seem to be talking of two mutually elusive goals, one health which is techno driven, ensure the patients health no compromise on it. Yet the vital factor is missing which is the second goal.—CARE
• Careful attention or careful heed
• To take charge of, look after, provide for
• To feel concern about or interested in.
That is the actual reaching out, to the patient.
This could be a direct fall out of us taking on more patients than we can really handle, or it could be our increased trust in technology and reluctance to talk to people.
Easier to deliver health than healthcare.
But it is time to get our act right.


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