dignity of risk

With life expectancy increasing we are grappling with chronic disabilities and atrophies. The needs for hospital care and home care givers have re-invented themselves.
The society is constantly being brainwashed to accept its own incompetency to handle either the young or the old. Our role as care givers is being shaken. Look at the parenting classes and magazines that mushroom.
The same is applied to the senior citizens. There is a lack of faith in the senior citizens to take care of themselves. I have come across many of my peers who assume judgemental errors from their parents, despite parents being perfectly capable of handling themselves. There is an increasing tendency to segregate them into old people’s homes or senior citizen’s settlement.
When it comes to senior citizens there is a need to let them take the dignity of risk and decide if they need to leave their familiar surrounding and relocate, from things they value particularly into institutes. Just as our parents had to prioritize and make choices while bringing us up we need to give the choice as long as the choice is possible.
The risks are enormous and sometimes in retrospect we might feel guilty of leaving them in a less conducive atmosphere, but the choice as far as possible should be left to them.
Medico-legal provisions have been made to define the extent of live saving procedures the decision to live in a home environment is more difficult.
We need to allow the elders in our life to live their remaining life as independently and as freely as they want. We will have to make time to listen to the scraping of knees sometimes even more serious things, but they will be living and not just waiting to die.


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