The doctor’s bill

Watching Hindi movies about corrupt doctors, or organ stealers hurt.
I have grown up being a doctor’s daughter and a general practitioner’s grand-daughter. Heard stories about my great grandfather’s healing skills. This meant, we were prepared that at a family evening out my father would be called for an emergency. Many times my father was away during our annual school concerts and never around when we received our awards.
That’s when I decided I would go for dentistry instead of general medicine. I have a home practise, my patients think its their royal right to barge into the clinic be it after 9pm or even a Sunday, since I am at home, and they save their leave.
These are the very same patients who crib about the doctors fee. But do doctors get concessions when it comes to grocery bills or school fees? If a corporate worker can bill overtime, isn’t the doctor’s family entitled to his time?
Is a doctor not entitled to a family life, and if he does give up that time should he not be compensated?
This is not just the Indian scenario I am sharing an article about family doctors in the states


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