voice conservation

Tips for a healthy voice.
Balance demand with rest. If you know you have to abuse your voice either by having to speak loud or long it makes sense to use it less or give it rest before and after the episode.
Humidify the environment: dryness causes hoarseness and voice embarrassment it makes sense to use humidifier particularly at night since chances of mouth breathing is more. If you have a tendency chronic dryness then inhalation is a good idea.
Go slow on medication: over the counter medication like congestions, anti-allergy medications tend to dry out body fluids, including the ones from the vocal folds. Always check with your physician about this and compensate with fluids. Oh! By the way caffeine and alcohol are also drying components.
Pamper laryngitis: if you are suffering from laryngitis particularly associated with the upper respiratory tract infection then it makes sense to rest your voice. If you have to use your voice use a soft breathy voice until the swelling resolves. Ideally don’t talk. You could harm your vocal folds if you over ride this.
Watch out for LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux disease) a rough voice in the morning with bad taste in the mouth and sensation of heart burns should ring bells you could be heading for LPR,there is irritation of the throat, excessive mucosal collection this requires a different kind of care.


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