finding a yoga group

Choosing your Yoga group.
Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga everyone is busy with something. With Kareena Kapoor talking of
But just in case you think Yoga is all about body bending and exercises and throwing in buzz words like Kundalini think again.
Learning a few body contortions from TV viewing or learn-it-yourself books.
Yoga is totality. It is the pathway to achieve ends these end goals could be physical, curative, or spiritual, and is known as shaktikrama, chikitsakrama and the adhyatmakrama. Choosing your yoga group and teacher would depend on this end factor.
There are trained teachers, and some who have attending a weekend class and then vend the stuff on. It is always better to go to a proper trained person its okay to check credentials and certificates.
The next step would be check with people who have undergone the program and ensure that suits your current goal.
The next obvious step is the costing and the schedule.
Once you have completed a schedule it would be a good idea to sign up for a regular group practise. As group practise is a commitment as opposed to solitary practise.


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