Integrated medicine

No man goes before his time – unless the boss leaves early. To quote Groucho Max,
but this child did, before the age of twenty and she had no boss.
This child lets call her Fleur for any other name would do, was diagnosed Aplastic anaemia, renal failure, her systems were tired. Actually it was the ICU, and the remarkable high medication, chemotherapy all added to her condition.
Very frankly with a tired kidney keeping her on only fluid diet meant overburdening it. A holistic therapy was possible both the Homeopathic doctor and the Ayurvedic doctor were confident with the current allopathic treatment could be supported by either of them other stream they could give her time to heal. The word is heal and not cure.
If the tissue could overcome fatigue it would give a lease to her. But the hospital authorities refused. They are right from their point of view. So what would be the way out here? They were ignorant of the other streams. This is a major arrogance among most practioners of modern medicine.
To overcome this hurdle the government of india has come up with an integrated medicine course. This program is essential to bring an awareness between the streams. Unfortunately the Allopathic doctors think they are above it, and the practioners of other streams tend to use the certification as license to dispense modern medicine. The entire program fails to achieve what it set out to do.
I really wonder how and when we will overcome the tyranny of the machine oriented modern medicine. We do not seem to understand that we are dealing with human beings and not machines.
Can anyone think of a solution?


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