Mama No Soak


No more soaking,Image

The image this conjures?  A woman with a toddler and a bucket of dirty diapers, a toddler in a puddle,

But believe me we have only changed one soak to the other, when I see the fall out of diapers and sanitary towels, I feel like shouting no more soaking pad, and diapers, use cloth,  give it a hot water treatment after wards.

When we say diapers,

The crappy advts. That come with

  • “kid sleeps through the night so he grows.”
  • Wet diapers lead to serious chest infections.
  • Wet cotton diapers lead to rashes.

The great brand of diapers come and the child is free of “unhygienic factors ” so the child is closer to achieving super person status.!!!

Well young parents, before you buy that huggies, biggies and poko-pads, just look around we are second only to china when it comes to population, so obviously we are not hitting the mortality scale.

Some unpleasant truth is

  • Diapers are made of sodium polyacrylate –SAP–a chemical so that it absorbs up 100 times its weight in water,
    •  this can stick to the children’s genitals and cause allergic reactions.
    • SAP  was proved to be responsible for Toxic Shock Syndrome
    • The skin irritation caused by SAP lead Staphylococcus infection.
    • In 1985 tests on rats showed hemorrhaging, cardiovascular failure and ultimately death.
    • Many diapers use VOC – volatile organic compounds like ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene. According to the EPA some VOC’s carcinogenic, some cause neurological problems, eye irritation and decreased immunity.
    • Dioxin is a by product of paper bleaching used in disposable diapers and training pants, in the laboratory animals, this showed to be the most toxic, and causing liver disease.
    • 8 billion disposable diapers end in Landfills, in the US alone, this adds the human waste to the landfill.
    • Of course in India we have not yet come up with law against human fecal matter in the household garbage.
    • It takes 500 yrs for these diapers to decompose in a landfill. The non biodegradable products like absorbent vinyl layers, Velcro, absorbent gelling material and plastic packing which makes up 30% of each diaper does not ever breakdown!!
    • About 100 viruses can survive in disposable diaper, or training pant for months. This includes polio virus, hepatitis specially if the child is just vaccinated. It is a biohazard.
    • Dioxins are also persistent environmental pollutants.

I know parents who want to ensure their good sleep, reduction in laundry cycle use absorbent disposable diapers at night. Ladies and gentleman, your child maybe will have to pay a heavy price for your comfortable sleep.

By the way bed wetting is not some life endangering problem most kids outgrow it. The emotional contribution is not yet known but logically nocturnal urination is normal in all young creatures.

If you have a girl child from diaper to sanitary towels her risk persists.

For Dioxin is a great component of the sanitary pad.  So is Asbestos. The Asbestos guys get away as it is not”ingested.”

Dioxin is also linked to immune and reproductive disorders and endometriosis.

Before you feel very smug about the  NO MORE SOAKING just take a check if you are willing to pay the price.



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