world tobacco free day

smokerrs 31st may 2013 is the world tobacco free day

Of the various needs to limit tobacco use a major factor  is the ban of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

31st may, marks the world no tobacco day, for WHO and partners.  The day highlights the health risks, and looks at effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption.

Tobacco  is responsible for killing one in 10 adults. This year the focus is on ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

The specific goals would be

  • To implement the WHOFCTC article 13 and its guidelines to comprehensively ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship such that fewer people try tobacco out.
  • To identify and counteract the local, national and international efforts to counter tobacco industry efforts to stall or stop ban of tobacco advertising and promotion of sponsorship.

Even before we launch into this the need would be to identifyPOSTER1_ENGLISH_LORES.indd

1. Who are the major tobacco advertisers

2. Direct and indirect tobacco advertising.

what i really wonder about is how much does that warning against tobacco usage really deter the users or does it trigger a curiosity to experiment?


2 responses to “world tobacco free day

  1. Reblogged this on creating Health and commented:

    “There was a young lady named Mae
    Who smoked without stopping all day;
    As pack followed pack,
    Her lungs first turned black,
    And eventually rotted away.”
    ― Edward Gorey, Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F.

  2. Excellent post for a good cause. Re: the warning on packets the regular smokers don’t really pay much heed and try to rationalize their act.

    Thank you.

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