tresamme-2Right as a teenager, I had this issue of feeling things crawl on my skin; this would be followed by terrible itching and rashes. My back and forehead were particularly susceptible. After the burns it has turned worse.

I remember visiting the skin department at KMC Manipal and the doctor diagnosing Trichoptilosis

Trichoptilosis   has its origin in Greek.

Tricho= hair

Ptilosis== arrangement of feathers.

Together it describes fraying or splitting of the hair shaft due stress.

Hair splits when it becomes dry or damaged and the only way to get rid of this is to get the hair trimmed. But preventive care can be done.

One needs to find out if the hair is split only in the end or has multiple splits on the length of the same strand. Trimming the split ends is a good idea

  • The trimming should be done at least an inch above the split.
  • Catching the split early is crucial else the split could increase in length right up to the scalp.

Periodic trimming of the hair will rid it off the split end and promote growth and as well as giving a healthy look to the hair. Once the split end is trimmed out, it products should be used to prevent its split.

Products that claim to seal the split end do not really reverse the damage; they only make the hair appear healthier. But these products do prevent future split ends.

Uses of deep conditioning once a week, oil, and hair masks are all great ways to maintain hair health.

Like grandma said don’t brush wet hair, as the hair is more fragile?

Constant brushing and styling, frequent washing and using hot tools could all damages the hair making it brittle and more prone to splits.

Before drying or straightening the hair it’s a great idea to use heat protection serum, it protects the hair from getting damaged due to heat.

About a fortnight ago I received my trail pack from Tresammè, for the Tresammè experience with my knowledge of Trichoptilosis I was really sceptic. With the first wash there was kind of bounce it took two days for the hair to become brittle enough to irritate the skin.

Before the second wash I had ,had a hot oil head massage, so the hair after the wash was very limp.

post tresamme  hair style

post tresamme hair style

After the third wash I followed it with a leave on hair mask. Believe me for nearly four days I was free of the teasing from the hair tip. I did not have to cut my hair, or tie it up like I do every summer to prevent skin irritation.

The Tresammè split remedy system  I realized gently cleanses and moisturizer the hair, so it becomes manageable and looks healthy. The unique reconstruction complex binds the split ends with continued use it fixes the damage as soon as it occurs. As for reducing the split ends up to 80% I could not get it graded by my hair stylist.  But of course my hair is returning to its fresh soft smooth appearance and is much easier to style.

Tresammè, of course had sent the shampoo with the conditioner but the split end sealing serum that really got me hooked.

I’m glad I tried it out.


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