are you a sleepy head

Sleepy head…?

How many of us have been called that at some point or the other and resented it.

Have you had situations where you felt you could not keep your eyes open? Has this caused you an important assignment, or a contact, or sheer publec embaressment.

Did you ever wonder if your sleep levels were normal or not?

 Just take this test,

0                    no chance of dozing

1                    slight chance of dozing

2                    moderate chance of dozing

3                    high chance of dozing.

Situation Score
Sitting and reading.  
Watching TV  
Sitting inactive in a public place. Eg theater or a meeting.  
Lyind down to rest in the afternoon when circumstances permit.  
Sitting and talking to someone  
Sitting quietly after a lunch without alcohol  
In acar,while stopped for a few minutes in traffic.  

Total your score.

0 – 9                normal             you need not worry

10-13               mild                 you may be excessively sleepy depending on the    situation. You may choose to seek medical attention.

14 -19              moderate         you may be excepetionally sleepy depending on the situation. It might be  essential to seek medical attention.

20-23               severe              you are excessively sleep seek medical attention.


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