Lung terrorists not allowed!

Do I think smoking should be banned in all bars and restaurants?

I presume we mean smoking as in smoking tobacco, and not smoking out the place with pesticide, ritual fumes or burnt food.

Do I want to inhale 4,000 chemical compounds including carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde and other poisons? Four of the chemicals being benzene. 2-naphthylamine, 4- amino biphenyl and polonium-210 all classified as known cancer causing agents?


More than thousand people stop smoking everyday – dying.

When a non-smoking person is in the vicinity of a smoker, then it is called as second-hand smoking or passive smoking. About 3000 non-smokers die of secondary smoking.

Secondary smokers exhibit coughing, phlegm, chest discomfort and reduced lung function.

Children exposed to secondary smoke suffer from asthma attacks, and have greater tendency to middle-ear disease.

Four places which are major sources of secondary smoking

Home and car are your areas of control you can do something about the smoke collection.

But business houses are wary of banning smoking as they are scared of losing customers.

If you are a public smoker and whines self-righteously about being discriminated by moral polices, who refuse to accept sucking of burning tubes of paper filled with chemical soaked chopped up leaves—here is my take – you painfully attack our lungs and nasal passage with your perverted public pollution and we are supposed to be positive, pat your back and say oh! You are cool? Forget it! Things are not fine, you are violating our bodies, you give us pain, you are a rapist* until you behave you are the enemy.

Smokers are anti-fresh-arican! Or antipulmonarians, non-humanitarians or just plain lung terrorists. They are sponsors of save the crab campaign, only the crab inhibits the animal body instead of being a beach bum.

Smoking in public areas is like peeing in a swimming pool!

James.H.Lampert asks right when he asks “what right to smoke? Do I have a right to light up a sulphur candle in the middle of a crowd? Or set of 4-gone fogger? What would happen if I ran around with a can of flag, spraying it in the faces of passerby at random? I’d be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and probably also brought up on terrorism charges, and I’d deserve it mightily, so why do people addicted to inhaling insecticide believe they have a right to spew noxious, toxic, carcinogenic fumes all over the place in public?”

I know people who say everyone has a vice that harms, smoking is no different from other bad habits like over eating, well, I don’t about the rest of the world, but I would rather have an overweight person next to me, than a smoker, drug addict or drunkard.

It’s all one thing – both tend into one scope –
To live upon Tobacco and on Hope,
The one’s but smoke, the other is but wind.
~Sir Robert Ayton of Kincaldie, “Sonnet on Tobacco”


*Rape à “any violation or abuse:



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